Industries We Serve.

With today’s deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current processes and commercial sanitizer equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday’s disinfection cleaning services are obsolete. However, cleaning protocols tailored around Electrostatic disinfection systems are cost-effective, accessible, practical, safe and scalable. Your Disinfection Connection in NWA offers simplified processes that can be replicated and scaled.

Electrostatic disinfection is a commercial sanitizer spray that provides a quick and easy way to achieve 360-degree disinfection, which is how to disinfect a room. While it may sound complicated, the technology is simple to understand. We also provide LumaClean technology to clean the air you breathe through nanocoating technology. Rest assured that we can tailor a solution for your work environment.

Who We Serve.

  • Hotels and Hospitality

    The hotel and hospitality industry can assure their guests and customers that they are enjoying a safe environment.

  • Office Buildings

    Set your employees at ease knowing that they are working in a clean and safe office space every day.

  • Healthcare Clinics

    Better infection control protocols with our electrostatic disinfection technology means higher Joint Commission scores.

  • Banking Institutions

    Customers want to bank at financial institutions they trust. Make your branch a place they can feel welcomed.

  • Schools And Education

    From early childhood education to universities, we the ability to sanitize and disinfect more proactively than ever.

  • Restaurants - Food Processing

    Electrostatic disinfection is used to sanitize food contact surfaces and equipment in cafeterias, restaurants, and wholesale facilities.

  • Retail Stores

    Retail shops where many customers frequent are vital. Our cleaning specializes in retail outlets, supermarkets and more.

  • Sports and Events

    Sporting events, concerts, bars and night clubs are at the top of the list of industries to ensure a safe venue for their guests.

  • Manufacturing

    Keep your employees and staff safe and productive on the assembly line with our latest disinfection and commercial sanitizers.

  • Government Buildings And Facilities

    The public wants to know that their elected officials are taking their health seriously and that public buildings are safe to use.

A New Approach

Little has changed in the infection control industry. Buckets, rags, mops, and commercial sanitizer wipes are still relied upon at most facilities today, despite the fact that they leave up to 75% of room surfaces untouched. Inconsistent application, worker error, and time constraints further complicate the challenge of keeping facilities clean and sanitary. These challenges become more alarming in the face of increasing threats.

Complete Disinfectant
With a 99.99% kill rate, out Electrostatic Spray System can completely disinfect your home from floor to ceiling. With Your Disinfection Connection, you get complete and total coverage.

What You Can Expect

Anti-Microbial Commercial Sanitizer Spray Treatment provides 24/7 protection against microbes. On a microscopic level, this amazing technology works like a tiny needle that pierces through the cells of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Our proven application treatment will give you a protective coating that minimizes the harmful microbial growth and multiplication.

Commercial Sanitizer with a 99.99% Kill Rate
Our State of the Art Technology has a 99.99% kill rate for MRSA, Influenza, COVID, E.coli, Mold, Mildew, and much more.

Commercial Sanitizer Spray


Your Disinfection Connection will service your needs with professionalism and always strive to make sure your are 100% satisfied with our service and products. If for whatever reason you are ever not completely satisfied, our staff and management will do whatever it takes to makes it right for you and your business.