Disinfection Cleaning Services NWA

Products We Use.

The electrostatic sprayer is capable of delivering a wide range of disinfection cleaning services and is one of the most effective and economical application technologies available.

Our Electrostatic Disinfection Spray System positively charges the molecules of our disinfection solution as they’re being applied. The positively charged molecules seek out negatively charged surfaces, allowing them to cover everything in the room, even microbes lurking in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, we recently added LumaClean to our list of disinfection cleaning services. LumaClean is an effective form of virus and COVID prevention that purifies air and surfaces with a nanocoating technology.

Disinfection Cleaning Services.

Disinfection Spray Areas

It’s important to be as thorough as possible when cleaning surface areas. High-frequency touch areas for disinfection cleaning services include items such as:

Light switches and elevator buttons
Door handles and entryway doors
Restroom faucets and dispensers
Phones, keyboards and mouse devices

Disinfection Cleaning Services NWA


Your Disinfection Connection will service your needs with professionalism and always strive to make sure your are 100% satisfied with our service and products. If for whatever reason you are ever not completely satisfied, our staff and management will do whatever it takes to makes it right for you and your business.