Infection Prevention.

COVID Prevention Methods

COVID prevention involves more than simply washing your hands and covering your mouth. Taking the necessary steps to secure your office can prevent costly downtime. Your Disinfection Connection provides NWA organizations with the right coronavirus prevention tools to eliminate viruses on contact.

Our electrostatic disinfection methods deliver safe and economical infection prevention technologies to allow work to continue effectively and securely.

The Best-Laid Plans

It is often said that the best-laid plans can go to waste. Social distancing and wearing masks might be able to help reduce the spread of viral agents, but it’s not 100% effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses. The best coronavirus prevention strategy is to kill germs on site. Treating problems as they arise is not nearly as effective as preventing those issues from happening in the first place.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  – Benjamin Franklin.